Soakaway Tests to BRE Digest 365


Traynor Environmental Ltd can carry out all soakaway tests to BRE Digest 365.

• BRE365 Soakaway Testing and Design

• Retention/Attenuation Tank Design

• Local authorities may require a storm water management strategy as part of the planning application:

• On all larger developments, residential or commercial

• On smaller developments where there is a potential threat to watercourses

Public storm-water resources are typically designed only to handle existing ‘greenfield’ conditions, where prolonged rainfall discharges mostly through the ground and the rest is carried off by the drains.

New developments replace fields with impervious areas like roofs, roads, and car-parks. If not contained and managed, the water from these will run off the site – and carry contaminants with it. The result can include overloaded drains, pollution, traffic danger, and road damage through erosion. Because of these potential hazards, a storm-water strategy may be required as part of your planning application.

Under BRE Digest 365 procedures (the method recognised by local authorities), Traynor Environmental Ltd:

 Assess the site, calculating existing and proposed hard-standing area and potential impact on receiving watercourses

 Using test-holes, evaluate the infiltration rate of the subsoils

•Design a suitable strategy to contain and manage stormwater.

The appropriate solution may include trench containment (through which storm-water will gradually recede to groundwater), or attenuation tanks which incorporate a means for releasing water at an appropriate rate over time. Our recommendation will not be tied to a commercial interest in one solution over another – our commitment is to find the most cost-effective solution for you.
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